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First settled in the mid-1700's the Town of STANFORD has a rich history of business and leisure.  While the predominant areas of production have historically been agricultural (there were some 50 dairies here in the 1950s), the Wappingers Creek and its tributaries gave rise to numerous mills for making everything from Axels to Whiskey. The railroads brought in boarders for the local farms and took away goods to markets far and wide. Did you know there was a Bordens Milk Plant in STANFORDVILLE? To find out more swing into the Bangall Post Office (built in 1915) and look through some of the Historical Society's memorabilia.  While the railroads and bootleggers have left, STANFORD continues to create a new history.  Worldwide business goes on every day with Tradespeople, Designers, and industry leaders all calling the town home. Come visit and see why  STANFORD is a great place to be!

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See What We Have to Offer

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